Glasgow’s Back Up for Medical Emergencies

An £840 million new build project, the New South Glasgow Hospital will be one of the largest acute hospitals in the UK, providing 1,109 beds in wards made up of 28 en-suite rooms.  Ensuring that a hospital of this size has all the electrical power it needs to maintain services is no small undertaking and this article will discuss the standby power being put in place to underpin those requirements.

The standby power system being installed at New South Glasgow Hospital is the largest ever to have been installed in Scotland. Capable of providing enough electricity to power 2,500 homes, it involves ten FG Wilson 2.5MVa, 11,000 volt diesel generators which will be synchronised to work together as a single 25MVa power generation system should the mains supply fail. Standby power specialist, Dieselec Thistle, has been responsible for developing the specification, supply, testing, installation and commissioning of the ten generators, with five installed for each of the build’s two phases. The company will also be responsible for routine and reactive maintenance of the generators throughout their lifetime.