Dieselec powers up nuclear power station

We were selected by EDF Energy to replace the three existing generators and engine control system at Hunterston B, a nuclear power station located in Ayrshire on the West Coast of Scotland.

Hunterston B, which started producing power in 1976, currently generates up to 1000MW and is capable of supplying electricity to approximately 1.7million UK homes. With 520 full time EDF Energy employees, plus 250 full time contract partners, maintaining resilience during this upgrade project was critical.

Hunterston B power station

EDF’s Hunterston B nuclear power station

George Hobbins, DTG Project Manager, said: “The experience and capabilities within our team were ideally suited to delivering the replacement project at Hunterston B. All tradesmen underwent the required training and checks required for a job of this nature, and worked very closely with the site staff involved.

“We were able to fully simulate the live environment in our HQ test bay, enabling the team to fully test the system and carefully plan the staged installation so as to ensure resilience throughout the transition.”

It is expected that Hunterston B will operate until 2023 after which time, the power station will be decommissioned.