On Your Marks, Get Gen Set, GO!

While five thousand would-be athletes expended all their energy crossing the finishing line at the Olympic Park Race it was Tower Productions that provided the electrical energy for the event, using generators supplied by Dieselec Thistle.

The five-mile National Lottery Run was the first competitive event to be held in the Olympic Stadium, with the 5,000 runners chosen from 40,000 applicants to win the privilege of being amongst the first to cross the new stadium’s finish line.  The event was a first for Tower Productions and Dieselec Thistle too, as the diesel generators installed for the event were the first power source to be used at the venue.

Comments Tim Shaw from Tower Productions: “While the stadium is on course to be ready for the 2012 Olympics in July, at this time  the electrical power is not yet operational.  As a result, we were brought in to provide the power for the event and, alongside the runners. We felt enormously proud to be amongst the first to demonstrate what a great venue the Olympic Park is.”

Tower Productions specialises in technical solutions for events, including power, heating, lighting, rigging and vision equipment.  The company utilises generators supplied by Dieselec Thistle for many of its events and on this occasion put in place  7 nr  generators.

Brian Muirie , director of Dieselec Thistle added: “Most of our generators are installed as standby power for business critical applications so they are specified to be extremely reliable. For an event like this, reliability was key so while some of the competitors may have wished they’d trained more for a better performance on the day, the performance of the power equipment was never in doubt.”