DTG launches Gen Set Guide

We have published our very own comprehensive ‘Gen Set Guide’ – a complete guide to generators including the generator basics, external generators sets, plant room installations and control systems, as well as a handy jargon buster.

Front Cover fan compressed

John Kinstrie, Solution Sales Manager, led the project for Dieselec Thistle Generators. He said: “We wanted to bring something new to the market that would be a free, helpful, resource for our customers. In bringing the Gen Set Guide together, there has been a significant investment in time and knowledge across our team, and so we are delighted that the finished article, volume one, is now available.”

To access a copy of the Gen Set Guide, please contact John Kinstrie by email john.kinstrie@dtgen.co.uk or call the head office on 0141 956 7764.

Ian Arbuckle, Senior Electrical Engineer at Rybka, is already putting his Gen Set Guide to good use. He said: “The Gen Set Guide is an invaluable resource, and it’s great to see a company pro-actively producing such a publication, and really thinking about the needs of the customer. It means I now have all the information I need at my finger tips without the need to go searching through a variety of different sources, so it’s a real time saver.”

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