Investment in fleet technology

We have invested in new TomTom Telematics WEBFLEET technology that will support the efficient delivery of our customers’ live projects and service contracts.

WEBFLEET is an award winning fleet management solution offering the following key benefits:
• Real-time vehicle tracking
• Fuel savings
• Driver communication
• Tachograph analysis
• Fleet optimisation and service productivity
• Back-office integration

Graham Connal, Service Manager at DTG, said: “Investment in new technology is critical to us leading the way in our market, and delivering the best outcome possible for our customers. Not only does WEBFLEET bring huge benefits in terms of fuel efficiency, emissions and environmental savings, but we can be quicker to respond to our customers’ requirements whilst onsite and out on the road.”

The web-based system has been installed in 19 DTG vehicles and is already demonstrating success and delivering results across the business.

WebFleet  WebFleet