Dieselec Thistle bolsters high voltage team credentials

We have successfully achieved High Voltage Operator status for seven of our team, making Dieselec Thistle Generators the most qualified HV team in the UK.

Following a recent refresher training course at the Scottish Power Training Centre, those achieving the High Voltage Operator status include our Technical Manager, Service Engineer, Senior Commissioning Engineer, Commissioning Engineer, Project Manager and HSE Manager, Service Engineer and Workshop Supervisor.

George Hobbins, HSE Manager at Dieselec Thistle Generators, said: “The purpose of High Voltage Training is to establish minimum standards to prevent hazardous electrical exposures to personnel and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements applicable to electrical systems. Working on the equipment in a de-energized state is required unless de-energizing introduces an increased hazard or is not feasible.

“The training is designed to help ensure that energized high voltage electrical work is performed safely by authorised employees, who are trained and provided with the appropriate safe work procedures, protective equipment and other required controls. The training is intended to ensure that employees are protected against electrical shock, burns and other potential electrical safety hazards as well as complying with regulatory requirements. All of which contributes to a safe system of work for our employees and site personnel and equipment, and the training is regularly refreshed.”

Paul Moore, Managing Director at Dieselec Thistle Generators, added: “We recruit and retain the best people in the industry, and will continue to invest in training and accreditations for our business to ensure we deliver to the highest possible standards for our customers.

“Importantly, this also provides our customers with a high degree of confidence when our engineers are working on their site testing, running and commissioning high voltage generators and equipment.”

To date, Dieselec Thistle has completed 15 high profile projects involving specialist high voltage generators and controls systems installed throughout the UK, totalling 90 MVA of high voltage emergency power.

Projects include St Fergus Gas Terminal (two x 2.2 MVA 11 kV), Victoria Hospital Glasgow and Stobhill Hospital Glasgow (both two x 2.2 MVA 11 kV), Forth Valley Hospital Falkirk (four x 2.2 MVA 11 kV), Victoria Hospital Kirkcaldy (four x 1.35 MVA 11 kV), Queen Elizabeth Hospital Glasgow (ten x 2.5 MVA 11 kV), Cramblington Hospital Northumbria (three x 2 MVA 11 kV), Pembury Hospital Tunbridge Wells (three x 1825kva), West Cumberland Hospital (three x 1.65 MVA 11 kV), data centre Dalkeith (five x 2.5 MVA 11 kV), distribution centre East Midlands (two x 2.2 MVA 11 kV), military base Scotland (one x 1.75 MVA 11 kV), Goldman Sachs London (four x 2.2 MVA 11 kV), PWC London (one x 2 MVA 6.6 kV) and Kingsgate House London (two x 2 MVA 11 kV).

High voltage training

High voltage training