Blackout Britain

Channel 4 last night portrayed the devastation that would be caused throughout the UK if we were to suffer a complete power blackout.  Dieselec Thistle Generators specialise in standby power should such an event ever occur and provide this service to private companies and public institutions throughout the UK.  Dieselec Thistle Generators specialise in diesel generators which would ensure continuity of power,  even if there was complete power loss.  Dieselec Thistle Generators worked with Channel 4 researchers to ensure complete accuracy in the programme – read the Q&A below that demonstrates the impact power loss would have on the UK:

Q:           How many retailers have back-up generators and how long will the fuel supply last?

A:            Dieselec supply 2 of the big 4 supermarket chains but the other 2 do not fully back up their stores – they carry enough fuel to typically last 24 hours but this can depend on location and proximity to fuel delivery companies (i.e. urban v rural).

Q:           What happens if a hospitals back-up generator fails?

A:            Hospitals (or anywhere where life is at risk in a power outage) will normally have several generators – if one fails, a second will step in, sometimes a third. In the worst possible scenario, life support machines have short autonomy batteries.

Q:           How does the mobile phone network suffer in the event of a power outage?

A:            There are over 50,000 mobile network masts around the UK and these all require to be backed up – again, dependant on location, they will have tanks suitable for 24-72 hours autonomy.

To ensure your business is protected against a power outage and has a suitable standby power solution in place contact Dieselec Generators on or 0141 956 7764