Back Up Power

Retail Store & Distribution Centre Back Up Power 

Another area where we have seen a significant rate of growth is retail and distribution. The market’s necessity for highly resilient back-up power systems, coupled with our record of installing our systems with the minimum of downtime, hence minimising lost revenue, has led to a substantial level of repeat business with retail / distribution clients.

We supply all the major multiples, and are proud to have a term supply with Sainsbury’s Stores. Our generators are used in their stores across the UK, to ensure their stock is protected and their EPOS systems continue ringing through sales, even when the mains power fails.

Data Centre Back Up Power Systems

Dieselec Thistle was amongst the first generator specialists in the country to assist Data Centre builders in finding solutions to protect their businesses in the event of power outages.  Nowadays, one of the key criteria on which Data Centre space is sold, is its resilience. Clients need to know that their data is both secure and protected in even the most unimaginable of circumstances.

We have a wealth of experience in providing the highest achievable level of resilience in our generator back-up systems, fully compliant with ISO8528-1: 1993.