After the Energy Freeze Headlines Do You Have the Power to Survive?

There’s nothing like a party conference to grab some news headlines and it looks like Ed Milliband has played the perfect hand today, pledging a popular manifesto promise and creating the kind of ‘them and us’ spat that the media love in the process.

The labour leader’s promise that energy prices will be frozen for at least 20 months should his party win the next general election in 2015 has prompted uproar from the ‘big six’ energy companies.  They insist that such a move could cause blackouts by preventing them from investing in new plants and technologies. But there are significant gaps in the reasoning on both sides here…….the general election is still 18 months away and by then we’ll be in massive danger of blackouts anyway!

The reality is that there is simply not time to build sufficient new infrastructure to protect against blackouts before the crisis point of winter 2015-16 identified by Ofgem as a period when we can expect blackouts. While Mr Milliband’s promise to bring down the cost of energy for householders might please voters and anger energy firms, the question for businesses should not be ‘will there be blackouts?’ but ‘Am I prepared for blackouts?’

If you can’t answer the second question with a confident ‘yes’ then you need to start thinking about your standby power requirements long before the votes are counted in the next election. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Consider your business critical systems and what would happen to your business if they went down
  • Work with a standby power specialist like Dieselec Thistle to understand your business critical load requirements
  • Develop a standby power strategy that includes the size and location of your diesel generators, fuel tanks and ancillary equipment
  • Specify a control system designed to meet your needs for automated switch to standby and return to mains
  • Ensure you have the level of standby power resilience needed to meet your requirements

Companies that are prepared for blackouts whatever happens in the next election…..that gets our vote!

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